Rocker Torque
Kinetic Energy Machines
Creator and developer of the mid-evil carnival ride.

Rocker Torque is leveraged kinetics' without the use of fossil, wind, solar, fission, fusion, wave, thermo or bio, geared to a torque locker then released (repelling) to drive at any determined time traditional electrical generators. The torque lockers' natural resource is in abundance and all around us, it is, gravity and non-producing humans which is the mildly evil part of Rocker Torque. Humans having to do something for a check (money), is, the future of the true transfer of wealth, lessoning the burden on the taxpayer to cover the cost of welfare, the unemployed and the incarcerated. Additionally, the extreme sport/fitness of the individual(s) to use its strengths, leverage and balance to break at the pinnacle points of maximum leverage that has the thrill, the ultimate mid-evil carnival ride, giving the additional benefits coinciding with the mass delivery of the collective.
All inquiries send to: Dan Ballheimer, 3o Thousand Oaks, Conway AR. 72032